you will be forever part of me

and forever missed

These are words david wrote to me
one of my favorite sides of Dave

my lucia i under stand.
all i know is i dont remember feeling this way about anyone
not even my ex wife. wierd. who knows,
i definately understand your fear.
i have it too.,,
bye for now my bella lucia

i am more buzzed with thoughts of u my queen,
you are more intoxicating than the finest wine
i ache with desire for u, not just sexually
my thoughts of u grow increasingly more romantic
and i pine for the time when u and i are able to speak again.
this is so strange to me
but it is no less true for being so strange
i long for our time together
and i increasingly feel less whole when we are apart
is it possible we are meant to be as one? something to ponder

I am hoping against hope that you are truly the one for me,
my love, my soul mate, the yin to my yang.
the woman who completes me and makes me
who i am truly meant to be
I love you my queen. it is destiny now and beyond our control
with love, affection and respect, darling mine

we once text messaged,
S= I love you
D= I love me too
S= yes i love you too
D= I love you more
S= I love you infinity
D= I love you infinity squared to the ninth power plus 87
S= ok you win, but if u win then i guess i win, yay me

Music-tears in heaven