Donít cry for me anymore

I know you miss holding me and being with me
Now that you canīt see me anymore,
Or hug me or play with me as you used to
But, please donít cry for me anymoreÖ

All the times you think of, we still have it all.
And everything we did and felt, itís only ours.
They were a gift to you, from me, I was a gift.
So donít cry for my gift to you Ė I donít.

You returned my gift with your love, our love.
And you were my living light, in this life.
Our love is still living by an invisible cord.
So donít cry for our love Ė I donít.

One day though, I had to move on, even so,
My soul to another phase of existence.
We all have to do so, to a new kind of life.
So donít cry for my new life Ė I donít

My soul went softly towards the light that day.
And Iím now soaring high over blue skies, Iím free.
Without pain, Iím finally at home, at peace.
So donít cry for my soul at peaceĖ I donít.

My soul and spirit are still living and so is my love for you.
My body you saw and remember, was merely a disguise.
To make it easy for you to love and remember.
So donít cry for the memoriesĖ I donít.

And now, I hope what you really loved about me,
Was my soul, my spirit, my endless love for you.
My life interlaced with yours in the Land of Eternity.
So donít cry for our life together Ė I donít

And remember, when you need me, Iíll be with you again.
Even if you canít see me, as you used to.
Close your tender eyes, take deep breaths,
And Iíll be with you again, my loving lightÖ
Take deep breaths, deep breathsÖ
So, please donít cry for me Ė Iíll be just beside you again

And you can feel my love, in the rays of the faint sun,
My breath on your face, in a soft autumn wind.
And you can smell me in the fragrance of flowers.
Even the smallest raindrop on your cheek Ė Iím there.
For you, to wipe away your tears and sadnessÖ

Because I was meant to be a gift to you,
Not a burden or a great grief.
My gift was to make you happy, to feel loved.
And not to be sad or cry for me

So, please donīt cry for me anymore
Iīm home and Iīm free at last

© Yvonne Jansson ~ 12th of October, 2006


Music- Bread-cant find the words to say goodbye